Allergo Majestic Products

Allergo Majestic is the exclusive premium brand from Allergo Natur -Ensuring the highest standards

Our exceptionally high-quality Allergo encasings in Allergo Majestic premium fabric are made using a new, lightweight, high-tech microfiber blend. Their extremely high particle retention ensures that you receive the best possible protection against mites and mite allergens while you sleep. Due to its high breathability and water vapor permeability, the smooth, uncoated material also ensures excellent sleeping comfort — providing you with the best possible protection while you sleep without compromising your usual comfort. The extremely hard-wearing and very easy-care Allergo Majestic fabric is particularly durable. The easy-care material can be cleaned easily in a washing machine at home or at a laundromat and is also suitable for the dryer. Allergo encasings made from the Allergo Majestic fabric are produced without chemical additives and do not pose a threat to health or the environment. Allergo encasings are specifically designed for allergy sufferers and health-conscious people.

Allergo Majestic encasing

  • Modern, high-tech microfleece
  • Impermeable to dust mite allergen particles
  • Allows water vapors and air to pass through
  • Maintains a natural sleeping climate
  • Highly breathable for a good sleeping temperature
  • Pleasantly soft and smooth
  • No rustling
  • Tear-resistant and stretch-resistant
  • Made in Germany — safety-tested
  • Material conforms to Ökotex Standard 100
  • Easy-care

Important: To ensure complete protection, it is also necessary to enclose the mattress, duvet and your partner’s pillow with an Allergo encasing.

Hyposensitization takes over three years and is very cost-intensive. It is therefore important to protect yourself against allergies in good time!  Before undergoing hyposensitization, always start by using an Allergo encasing. According to medical guidelines, it is advisable to use encasings both before and during hyposensitization.