About Allergo Natur

Allergo Natur – One of the Oldest and Largest Allergo Encasing Companies in Germany

We know our stuff

For 20 years, we have been developing encasings and manufacturing them ourselves.
Allergo Natur began to produce and sell encasings for mite allergy sufferers 20 years ago. Today, we are one of the most experienced allergy encasing brands in Germany. Allergy sufferers can benefit from our knowledge of appropriate mite allergy treatments and our experience as an encasing specialist day in, day out. Every few minutes in Germany, an allergy sufferer is supplied with an Allergo encasing, which will make them feel better. We put people and nature at the center of everything we do — this is the only way that effective and responsible Allergo Natur health products can be developed.

We believe in collaboration

Encasing innovations from Allergo Natur
As an Allergo encasing specialist, our aim is to continuously develop and improve Allergo encasings for allergy sufferers. An Allergo encasing must meet the highest and most stringent requirements so that patients receive only the best products that meet the highest scientific standards. That is why we work with scientific partners to research new materials and ideas.
With our innovative Base & Top product line for the mattress, we have developed the first Allergo modular encasing system, which combines optimum sleeping comfort, therapeutic reliability and ease of use. This allows us to support allergy sufferers with sophisticated products that boast better control over mite allergies, especially in the long term.